(Video) Chael Sonnen gets pranked by fans

UFC 282 is a very big mess. What was once a solid card has been reduced to a Paddy Pimblet’s ‘people’s main event’ as the people try to effectively throw him out of office after his shameless act of ingratiating himself to Dana White.

But MMA media as is is an odd business – a lot of the time, even veterans in the business don’t know all up and comers. This is why those MMA personalities who engage live with fans get pranked frequently.

One frequent target of pranks is Michael Bisping – it went to the degree that last time Bisping thought a legitimate question about tow division champion of KSW was a prank.

But one person who should’ve been skeptical was Chael Sonnen. Longtime fan favorite often interacts with fans online yet he didn’t see the following coming (pun intended):

“Chael, what what’s your thoughts on I-need-a-hand-job who’s making her debut next year?” one fan asked.

Chael was thrown off initially bur responded rather fast: “I must tell you, I haven’t met Anita and I’m not familiar with the name. Asked me that next time I’m here. Next time we’re here, I’ll have a rundown. I really will. Look, I’ll go do it tonight. I’ll get boned up on her.”

Sonnen is no stranger to pranks, to date he infamously pranked Dana White in a classic exchange:

Despite the prank the two are amicable and Sonnen works a lot with UFC behind the scenes.