(Video) Chael Sonnen gets pranked and Quivers thinking Joe Rogan’s passed away

UFC veteran Chael Sonnen is well-known for his trash-talking. He generally offers his opinions on competitors and MMA-related subjects. Sonnen tries to remain up to date on social media, but he is still getting the hang of it all.

During Sonnen’s most recent live broadcast, a troll made a disparaging remark about Joe Rogan, which caused the 55-year-old to truly worry for the UFC analyst. Sonnen was a little slow to respond to a troll’s remark on his live feed.

Chael Sonnen is known for spending time interacting with his followers. In fact, he often broadcasts live on social media. However, Sonnen doesn’t seem to have adjusted to the weird folks who are present the internet.

On Sonnen’s live feed, a user wrote: “RIP Joe Rogan.” The 55-year-old took seriously what may have been dismissed as just another absurd remark made by an online troll and started to worry seriously about the UFC announcer.

In response to the remark, the UFC veteran said: “RIP Joe Rogan. Yes. The, uh… I don’t completely know what that means. Everything’s okay with Joe, right?”

Chael Sonnen’s concern for Joe Rogan over the remark received the following responses from the public.

One of them tweeted: “Poor guy sounded pretty upset after he read that.”

Another wrote: “I think the internet has more trolls now than it does genuine users…”

The American promoter discussed Joe Rogan being a tough person in one of his YouTube videos. He said, “Joe Rogan is gonna be a tough night out for anybody, right?”

Sonnen explained, “He was a black belt in Taekwondo. He get into Jiujitsu, buddies up with Eddie Bravo, which is a very hard system. There are different systems out there and the Rubber Guard, the 10th Planet System, is very different. Joe gets a black belt in that.”