(Video) Carjitsu first: Choking your opponent with the car’s seatbelt

We’ve talked a bit about the emerging new trend when it comes to BJJ stunt competitions in Eastern Europe – staging the matches in a car.

The car matches are indeed rather amusing to watch but I don’t think any of us accounted for competitors actually using the car to submit their opponent.

In Brazilian jiu jitsu,  a big staple of the martial art are gi competitions. In any gi competition, the kimono plays a big part. Mainly due to a large number of chokes that prominently use the lapel. And while there are belts in jiu jitsu, almost no competition allows for choking with your own belt or the opponent’s belt.

A recent event in Russia took things to a whole new level – with one of the competitors choking his opponent with a car seat belt akin to how one would use the gi.

A competitor sporting Gracie Barra gi bottoms attempted to loop choke his opponent with the help of a car seatbelt. It was close for a while but the opponent made it out unscathed due to the fact the car setting wasn’t flat so he was unable to roll through how he wanted.

This wasn’t the only noteworthy showcase at the competition.

All in all competitors appeared to be having fun and nobody was harmed during the event so it’s all in good fun.

Pop MMA tends to run much more dangerous, especially when secluding competitors in a phone booth or limiting them to a certain setting.