(Video) Car Jiu Jitsu event pits woman against beta male that crumbles under pressure

So called Pop MMA has been rising in popularity over the past couple of years. As the title suggests Pop MMA events pit amateurs against each other in MMA type bouts that are often featuring rule alterations or significantly changed attire or setting.

After staging an MMA bout in a phone booth, Punch club also staged an intergender grappling event  – in a car.

The car jitsu event featured a buff looking female against a somewhat subdued male.

Veterinarian (female’s pseudonym) was 32 years old, 159cm tall and weighed in at 60kg (just under bantamweight limit).

Her opponent was WillFM – he was also 32 years old. Although he was significantly taller he weighed in 9kgs less than his female opponent.

Similar to the convertible MMA bout, the two jiu-jitsu practitioners started off with belt seats on in their convertible car.

The Woman vet was in the driver seat, with the male counterpart in the passenger seat.

Woman was slower to unclip her seatbelt giving the Willfm perceived advantage in the opening moments of their jiu-jitsu bout.

She was noticably stronger from the get go and WillFM struggled to get up. She urged him to and even allowed him. Goaded him throughout. He was defensive minded.

Ref’s urged her to work. She first got to work on his neck securing a guillotine finish. They proceeded to round 2 from there. Once again clipped into their seats. This time she was faster with the seat belt, unclipped escaped to the backseat and proceeded to manhandle WillFM threatening to slam him out of the vehicle. In the end she opted for another guillotine submission in the backseat of the car.

She was pronounced as the victor soon after.