(Video) ‘Bum slapping’ competition might be the comedic relief power slap saga needs

There’s been a lot of talk about Slap competitions, their unfairness, the actual damage and the virality that comes with the ‘sport.

But one competition variation managed to keep all of the salacious nature of the contests all wile avoiding the pitfalls of the source ‘sport’.

A booty slapping contest went viral recently/ The contests feature bikini models as the participants. The hard hitting slap leaves their cheeks with bruises and reddish color.

A far cry from concussive brain damage that could cause fatal outcomes.

Believe it or not, a butt slapping contest exists and is an actual thing in several countries.

This contest is akin to a slapping contest except the target is the bum. The participants, which are hot models, would take turns to slap each other on the bum.

This strange and funny competition appeared to emerge in Russia. This is not that surprising knowing Eastern Europe countries tend to make an existing sport to be unique by adding or changing a few things, with pop-MMA as an example.

Last year, a booty slapping contest was being held in Romania. At the event they featured adult stars BB Criss and Andra Brazil, with the two competing in the contest.

Both of them wore revealing outfits.

And just like any other butt slapping contest, they took turns hitting each other. On the stage, a commentator stood between them to provide commentary after every slap,

Their cheeks became more and more reddish as the contest went on. But, they didn’t see it as a problem and continued the contest.

Obviously, nobody was knocked out. But, neither of them gave up as they managed to hold their pain. After a while, the contest had to be over so they stopped it. They showed their cheeks to the audience and announced the winner based on the damage on their cheeks. At that point, both of their cheeks passed from reddish into bruised territory.

Several sports fans joked about the competition saying that it should be a serious sport.

“This is definitely a sport that deserves a participation trophy.”

“This is peculiar but entertaining at the same time.”

Another was being sarcastic saying, “The rigorous training these athletes must endure to become a champion slapper of asses. Simply amazing and inspiring!”