(Video) Bully picks on teen – soils himself when it backfires

Life is unpredictable, which is probably how our next subject got into such a deep mess. In a high school corridor, two teens had a clash.

The bigger teen was the instigator, going so far as to unleash a flurry of punches at his smaller counterpart.

Despite the size advantage, neither teen was willing to let it go. Soon, they were exchanging a barrage of punches callously.

While the bigger teen had a size advantage, the smaller teen clearly had a little bit of wrestling, which he tried to utilize from the start.

The two exchanged so many strikes that the smaller teen’s backpack opened, spilling its contents all over the corridor.

He managed to get the bully grounded but couldn’t keep him there on the first try.

As the bully got up, the teen floored him with strikes once again. It was enough to discourage him from trying to stand up again, so he attempted a takedown. The smaller teen countered and successfully neutralized the attempt.

Soon, it became apparent that it was too much for the assailant, and the onlookers noticed that he had soiled himself.

Despite that, or perhaps unaware of it, he was still trying to reverse the situation.

This isn’t unheard of in MMA; it famously happened a couple of times in the UFC.

Justine Kish experienced an incident during a UFC fight. The incident was likely a result of multiple factors, including being put in a rear-naked choke (RNC) by her opponent, Felice Herrig.

The Valsalva maneuver, a breathing technique involving exhaling while preventing air from escaping the mouth and nose, may have been triggered during the hold.

The Valsalva maneuver is commonly used to clear blocked ears or during bowel movements and can cause the muscles responsible for holding stool to relax, leading to bowel release.

A knockout (KO) can potentially cause involuntary bowel movements. The impact to the head during a knockout can result in a loss of consciousness and a sudden relaxation of the muscles, including those responsible for controlling bowel movements.

This can lead to accidental release. However, it is important to note that not all knockouts result in this reaction, and it is generally considered to be a rare occurrence in combat sports.

Unfortunately for this kid, high schoolers are a lot less likely to let this go anytime soon.