(Video) Bully attacks girl who has BJJ training, instantly regrets it

A big selling point for the majority of martial arts is personal security – especially for those who belong to a vulnerable group.

And with the inception of jiu jitsu – the aim was to enable those who don’t posses the physical prowess to be able to defend themselves. Of course, over the span of jiu jitsu’s existance the art has changed so much so that nowadays self defense is nothing but a side note during the introduction class.

But regardless of how you feel about sport jiu jitsu it’s still teaches leverage, confidence and how to be able to stand up to bullying.

This is something that one bully came to learn rather fast.

In jiu jitsu the threshold that enables you to defeat an unskilled opponent gets reached somtimes between the 6 month mark and a year. Of course this doesn’t mean you should seek out trouble, just that you should be careful if it were to find you. Take a look