(Video) British boxer hospitalized with a brain bleed after bout

In a riveting featherweight bout that captivated audiences, British boxer Connor Coghill faced off against Hopey Price.

This electrifying match had been touted as a British title eliminator. It unfolded on the undercard of the Leigh Wood vs. Josh Warrington clash on October 7th.

Price exhibited a dominant performance, sending Coghill to the canvas four times before referee Bob Williams intervened in the 12th and final round.

Despite the outcome, Connor Coghill garnered widespread admiration for his unwavering resolve. Even in the face of repeated knockdowns, Coghill exhibited extraordinary determination throughout the bout.

But an unsettling update regarding his health was shared by trainer Stefy Bull via social media.

Bull wrote: “Connor has had headaches since his boxing contest last week in Sheffield. Obviously it’s devastating news for Connor as boxing has been his life since a young age.”

“He’s stable and resting and wanting people to respect his time during this difficult period. Everyone at Stefy Bull Promotions are praying for a full recovery and wish him good health. We will keep you all updated.”

Connor Coghill entered the ring with an impressive 14-0 record. His remarkable journey led him to a pivotal showdown with the 23-year-old Hopey Price. This clash was set in motion following Coghill’s win against Darryl Tapfuma in April.

Reflecting on his first career defeat, Coghill expressed heartfelt gratitude towards his dedicated supporters, both in the lead-up and aftermath of the contest.

He remarked, “The support I had before and maybe even more so after the fight has been incredible.”

In the wake of Stefy Bull’s social media update, Hull FC extended their warm wishes. The team stated: “Sending our best wishes to Connor and his family.”

Boxing enthusiast @colin_roberts encapsulated the sentiments of many by saying: “Terrible news. He put it a fantastic performance and came so close to winning that fight. Fingers crossed for a speedy and healthy recovery.”