(Video) Brawler bites off chunk of opponent’s ear, poses with the chunk in his teeth after

‘King of the streets’ is one of the most vicious promotions out there. KOTS hosts unsanctioned events on concrete with no holds barred.

The promotion was recently discussed on Joe Rogan Experience MMA show featuring UFC’s Joaquin Buckley.

But since this mention, KOTS featured the most controversial moment to date – an ear biting incident.

Their last event pitted two competitors going under Alex and Bash – and apparently Alex lost a huge chunk out of his ear to get the W during the last showcase. And now the video of the incident is out.

Nobody could’ve anticipated the ear incident. Initially a chunk of the ear was photographed on the floor with the promotion publishing “ALEX SACRIFICED HIS EAR FOR THE VICTORY 🩸”

The man in question snatched his opponent at the very start of their unsanctioned brawl.

As the bout starts Bash tries to throw a spinning kick at Alex and misses. With his back exposed he is forced to retreat couple steps.

As Alex closes in on him he attempts to throw a loaded shot but misses and ends up pinned to a wall of what looks like a parkinglot.

The two clinch up but neither appears to have the edge. They’re using stuff that’s rarely seen in UFC, with Bash grabbing at Alex’s hair.

He would use the hair grab to get enough leverage to isolate the ear and bite off a chunk.

He can audibly be heard spitting out the chunk and pushing Alex to the ground by his hair.

Despite the incident, Bash played it off like there was no hard feelings after and even posed with the chunk logged between his teeth. Alex seemed to harbor no ill will.

There was reportedly also an eye gouge attempt later – so it’s hard to picture Alex not being even a little salty but he did end up winning the bout despite losing his ear so pick your battles.

The full bout has yet to be released on KOTS youtube where they post most of their material.