(Video) Brawl erupts after NYC’s first Miss Sri Lanka pageant

After the first-ever Miss Sri Lanka beauty competition in New York City, things turned nasty when a brawl broke out at the finalists’ Staten Island after-party. The entire incident was recorded on camera.

In the brawl that breaks out at the Friday pageant’s after-party, at least one lady wearing a tiara seems to be caught up in the action.

Sujani Fernando was one of the pageant’s organizers. She told The Post that none of the 14 participants were engaged in the brawl. She also said that they were all within the building while the altercation occurred outside the site.

A social-media user wrote, “This is the typical behavior of village Sri Lankans. Every event ends up in a brawl.”

“From elders to children to women. They hit at each other with plastic chairs, umbrellas. It’s quite exciting to watch.”

Fernando disagreed with the stereotype, however.

“Sri Lankans are good people.”

“That happens in any culture, any nationality, it doesn’t have to be Sri Lankans. We’re not that type of people.

Fernando said that the 14 young ladies who participated in the pageant had worked really hard, but their efforts had been overshadowed by the viral incident and the allegations that followed.

Fernando said: “It’s very sad to see. “The girls were so happy. You should see the effort, you should see the time they put into this, but they didn’t get a single minute to enjoy it.”

More than 300 people attended the Staten Island pageant, which sought to collect funds for a hospital in Sri Lanka despite the country’s economic problems, according to the Morning Post.

According to the newspaper, several commentators were horrified that a brawl broke out while Sri Lanka dealt with economic unrest and supply-chain crises.

Chandra Muniweera said that the altercation took place towards the conclusion of the celebrations, just before midnight. She vehemently denied that any contestant had any involvement in the altercation.

Muniweera told the Staten Island Advance, “We thought we had a very nice and a very good pageant, but unfortunately, this incident happened.”

According to Fernando, internet rumors about the brawl and pageant are harming the reputations of the young ladies who participated.

“They’re building stories from those few videos, but they don’t understand the damage they’re doing to these 14 girls who were not involved in the (incident),” she said. “I just feel so bad for the girls because people should let them enjoy the moment, enjoy their victory because they put in so much time.”

According to the NYPD, there were no calls or complaints about the altercation.