(Video) Brawl breaks out during video interview amongst female basketball players

Disputes are an everyday part of life but it’s not often that professional athletes get physical to resolve an issue while there’s an interview being conducted right in front of them.

National basketball squad of Mali lost a match against Serbia at FIBA women’s world cup. Apparently the loss aggravated an existing issue between two players of Mali who then decided to get physical.

Serbia’s team outclassed Mali’s national squad and eliminated them from the world cup with 81-68.

Serbian player and top scorer of the match, Sasa Cado, was interviewed after the victory, which was disrupted by loud noises from the side. When the camera focused on that side, two women from Mali’s team were throwing strikes at each other.

One of the women was identified as Salimatou Kourouma. Kourouma was trying to punch the Kamite Elisabeth. Elisabeth put her arm under the Kourouma to avoid getting hit. Other team players were there to try and separate them.

Mali’s team could not perform up to the expectations in this world cup. They have four straight losses in this tournament and left the race of qualifying for the next round. They lose all the matches with a heavy margin of 30.25 points. Mali was already disappointed with their performance, and this incident rubbed more salt in the wound.

Understandably, when you are not doing well in the field, you can also get mentally disturbed. Often, one team player put all the effort together but could not get the result, which can anger her. What happened here was also a result of something like that.

Kourourma has an average of 5.3 points for her team in this world cup, and the other woman has an average score of 3.8 points, along with one rebound per game.

Mali could not qualify for the next round in the tournament. They have only one game left in the tournament. A win in the last match will be their top priority to get some confidence back and bring back pride to their nation.