(Video) Brawl breaks out at Erykah Badu concert, background voice yells “Erykah Badu make y’all wanna fight????”

Erykah Badu has been touring for over 20 years. The famous singer has a fandom that spans in ages from boomers to the Gen Z and inspires a lot of fans.

While it’s certainly convenient to have a rabid fanbase when it comes to selling tickets it’s decidedly less fun when the passions get high and an actual brawl breaks out at an event.

Erykah Badu started trending on twitter couple hours ago after an altercation broke out in her audience.

A video of the altercation is somewhat hilarious even providing commentary such as a bystander exclaiming: “Erykah Badu make y’all wanna fight????”

Video also shows Badu on stage, oblivious to what’s going on in front of her.

Badu is typically very relaxed and happy go lucky so it’s quite a big surprise that fans would clash at her concert.

She did not stop the performance either as the brawl carried on.

This new video is going viral for a reason, because it is a bit hilarious and a perfect encapsulation of society.

The Badu fans on twitter had fun with the clash commenting: