(Video) Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. stares down massive bodybuilder

Renowned boxing veteran Roy Jones Jr. is preparing for his next challenge in the ring. Having established himself as one of the greatest boxers in history, Jones Jr. is known for his multiple world titles and impressive knockout power.

Despite his age of 54, he plans to keep competing. After a recent loss in April 2023, Jones Jr. is now gearing up to face bodybuilder and social media personality Robert Wilmote, popularly known as Ndo Champ.

Over the course of his career, Jones Jr. has achieved remarkable success in the world of boxing. Competing in multiple weight divisions, including middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight, and even heavyweight, he has left a lasting impact. With an impressive record of 66 wins, including 47 victories by knockout, Jones Jr. has solidified his position as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in history.

Unlike many veterans of his age, Jones Jr. has remained actively involved in the sport since his professional debut in 1989. Despite a brief retirement in 2018, he made a comeback in April 2023, facing off against UFC veteran Anthony Pettis.

Although he lost the match via a majority decision, Jones Jr. had previously secured a four-win streak, showcasing his determination to continue competing at the highest level.

In his upcoming bout, Jones Jr. will take on Robert Wilmote, a bodybuilder and social media sensation widely recognized as Ndo Champ. Wilmote gained popularity for his entertaining videos and amassed a substantial following of over 1 million on Instagram.

The face-off between Jones Jr. and Wilmote revealed a noticeable difference in their physical appearances, with Wilmote’s impressive size standing out.

During a press conference, Wilmote expressed his admiration for Jones Jr., acknowledging the boxing legend’s intelligence and skill. Recognizing the challenge ahead, Wilmote emphasized the importance of hard work, dedication, and strategy to compete against a seasoned boxer like Jones Jr.

“[Jones is] a very intelligent fighter. He’s very smart. He’s one of the best pound-for-pound fighters alive. As a professional athlete, I already know it takes hard work and dedication to go into that fight.” Wilmote praised Jones in a press conference. He added, “I gotta bring the fight to him. I gotta come in, jab, move around, pivot, do all of that … Make it work, tire him down. But at the same time, I gotta work on myself – breaking down my muscles, building my endurance and staying away from that uppercut he always throws and that sneaky jab.”