(Video) Boxing champion Mike Alvarado learns why BKFC is nothing like boxing the hard way

Professional boxer Mike Alvarado recently made his debut in bare-knuckle boxing and suffered a tough defeat.

During the lightweight bout between him and MMA veteran James Brown at the Bare Knuckle FC 41 event on April 29 in Colorado, Alvarado got several big cuts on his head, resulting in the match being stopped.

BKFC returned with its 8th major event of the year, which was live-streamed on FITE TV. The event featured many entertaining battles, including the main event between UFC veterans Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold at the 1st Bank Center venue.

UFC legends Chad Mendes and Eddie Alvarez were also part of the event, making it an impressive line-up.

The lightweight bout between Mike Alvarado and James Brown in the main event proved to be one of the most intense matches of the night.

Mike Alvarado had a couple of cuts on his head after two rounds in his BKFC debut
Mike Alvarado had a couple of cuts on his head after two rounds in his BKFC debut

Brown had already won a bare-knuckle boxing match, making him a formidable opponent for Alvarado, who was making his debut in this form of combat sports. Although Alvarado had previously won against several prominent opponents in the boxing ring, his experience was not enough to beat Brown.

During the first two rounds, Alvarado was heavily dominated by Brown, who landed several big shots to the head, resulting in several cuts on Alvarado’s face.

Bare-knuckle boxing is a high-risk sport where athletes are not allowed to wrap their hands within one inch of the knuckle, making them more susceptible to cuts and facial bone fractures. This often leads to more bruises, cuts, and more in bare-knuckle boxing.

After the second round, the doctor examined Alvarado’s injuries and stopped the match due to the severity of his cuts, resulting in Brown’s victory via doctor’s stoppage.

Although the outcome was not what Alvarado had hoped for, he showed tremendous courage in his bare-knuckle debut.