(Video) Boxing champ Ebanie Bridges flashes interviewer and leaves him speechless

Ebanie Bridges has been making headlines all year thanks to her choice to wear provocative attire to her weigh ins.

Bridges has no shame about marketing herself in part due to the fact she started in the boxing business as a ring girl.

But despite the fact that she previously bragged about making a fortune insulting fans she decided to up her game.

Bridges clearly saw the attention BKFC’s Tai Emery received for her flashing celebration. And her major payday thanks to Onlyfans afterwards.

This obviously prompted Bridges to make a bombastic intro for her own page launch. Bridges flashed a stunned reporter in an attempt to copy approach.

Interviewer asked her to explain her weigh-in attire.

She replied, “Well what do you mean explain my weigh-in outfit?”

Subsequently Bridges posted the censored video to her socials in an attempt to market herself.

Fans were amused by the act even though this could be technically considered harassment although a male interviewer is unlikely to pursue charges.

A person wrote: “How can you not like her?”

Another commented: “I can literally hear the dollar bills raining in”.

A fourth person added: “Love a woman that’s not shy, she is bold and is her natural self”.

Bridges also has the skill to back it up. She recently won stoppage of the year for her win over Shannon O’Connell.

Bridges is likely to be sidelined a while considering she broke her hand during the bout. She reportedly had to undergo a surgery and had 3 pins inserted.