(Video) Boxing Announcer reads scorecards COMPLETELY wrong

In a wild turn of events, a boxing announcer, Dan Hennessey, made a catastrophic mistake during a championship bout, mistakenly declaring the wrong winner. The incident has left the boxing community stunned and has sparked widespread criticism.

On the night of the bout, Charneka Johnson took on Nina Hughes for the WNBA world championship. According to reports, Johnson dominated the match, with a 167-133 connect advantage. However, in a bizarre moment, Hennessey announced Nina Hughes as the winner by majority decision, citing a scorecard of 98-92 in her favor.

The reaction from the commentators was one of disbelief and outrage. “Is this guy for real?” said one commentator. “What are we doing? What are we doing? Can somebody please get Mark Chinook, Jimmy Lennon, Michael Buffer, anybody but Lieutenant Dan Hennessey in this spot right now?”

The mistake was made worse by the fact that Hennessey had previously made the same error in a prior fight, demonstrating a clear lack of understanding of the standard protocol for reading scores. This has raised concerns about the competence of the announcer and the potential impact on the outcome of matches.

The incident has sparked widespread criticism, with many calling for Hennessey to be replaced. The mistake not only affects the outcome of the match but also damages the credibility of the sport as a whole.

The scorecard of 98-92 was later revealed to be incorrect, with one judge scoring the bout 95-95 and the other scoring it 96-94. This has raised questions about the integrity of the judging process and the need for greater accountability.

In a sport where accuracy and fairness are paramount, such errors are unacceptable. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of attention to detail and the need for competent officials.

As the boxing world continues to reel from this blunder, one thing is clear: changes need to be made to ensure that such mistakes are not repeated. The sport deserves better, and the athletes who put everything on the line in the ring deserve accurate and fair outcomes.