(Video) Boxer wears speedos to weigh ins, trash talks, gets Knocked Out

In a bold move that has left many in the boxing community stunned, boxer Francis Hogan showed up to the weigh-ins for his recent bout wearing nothing but a pair of speedos, rumored to be inspired by fellow boxer Ebanie Bridges.

Hogan, an Australian professional boxer, made headlines with his daring fashion choice, which has sparked a lively debate among fans and fellow boxers. The 24-year-old’s decision to don the revealing attire has left many wondering if he was making a statement or simply trying to get inside his opponent’s head.

For those who may be unaware, Ebanie Bridges, a British-Australian boxer, has been known to wear lingerie to her weigh-ins as a way to express herself and showcase her confidence. It appears that Hogan took inspiration from Bridges’ bold fashion choices and decided to follow suit, albeit with a more masculine twist.

However, not everyone is impressed with Hogan’s daring move. An internet commetner from the event reveals a mix of stun, amusement, and disbelief at Hogan’s fashion choice. “Yo, my people, we got a suspicious boxer at the weigh-ins, though. He came through in the thong, the thong, thong, thong, my people. He came through with the magic Mike’s,” the commentator exclaimed.

Despite the initial surprise, Hogan’s move has sparked a lively debate among boxing fans and enthusiasts. While some have praised Hogan’s confidence and willingness to take risks, others have questioned whether the stunt was a clever ploy to distract his opponent or simply a misguided attempt to seek attention.

Unfortunately, Hogan’s bold fashion choice did not translate to success in the ring. He suffered a knockout loss in the bout, leaving many to wonder if the distraction had been worth it. As the commentator quipped, “How you come through in the thong, the thong, and then you get knocked out? Why is my hair right here, though? It’s making me feel uncomfy, my boy.”

Regardless of the outcome, Hogan’s bold fashion choice has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on the boxing community. As the commentator mused, “I couldn’t even do face-off in my boxers. I would’ve put all my clothes back on. As soon as I would’ve weighed in, as soon as I would’ve weighed in, they would’ve said, yo, you gotta weigh in, papa. Now, face-off. Face-off with your boy right there with the thong. Nah, I’m good, my boy.”

While it remains to be seen if Hogan’s fashion choice will become a trend in the boxing world, one thing is certain – Francis Hogan has made a lasting impression on the sport.

As the commentator concluded, “Tell me how y’all feel about this, man. Would y’all face-off with somebody like this? Or better yet, would you come out to a weigh-in wearing the thong, thong, thong, thong, magic yikes?” Only time will tell if Hogan’s daring move will inspire a new wave of attention seeking boxers.