(Video) Boxer Tayden Beltran slams BKFC, teaches high school bully a big lesson

Boxer Tayden Beltran recently had a peculiar encounter. The professional boxer has a record consisting of 3 wins and 1 draw.

The 23 year old recently had an unpleasant encounter with the man who bullied him throughout education.

Beltran was game to confront old highschool foe in the ring.

While Beltran provided no background on his ‘sparring partner’ he shared the following:

“For the last few months this man had been messaging me saying he was going to beat me to a bloody pulp.”

“We also went to high school together and he was a few years ahead of me. He would call me homophobic slurs and make fun of me for being in the Special Ed program along with other students.”

“He got signed to theĀ  bare knuckle fc so he insisted that we box with no head gear. Him being a new pro with that organization, I allowed it. BKFC will really sign anyone”