(Video) Boxer Luis Quiñonez declared brain dead after devastating KO

Colombian boxer Luis Quiñonez was declared brain dead in the aftermath of knock out loss he suffered this past weekend.

On Saturday night, Quiñonez was knocked out by Jose Munoz at the Elias Chegwin Coliseum.

Colombian Boxing Federation published that boxer had passed away after a five-day medical struggle, since he was knocked out.

“The Barranqueño boxer Luis Quiñónez was operated on in a #Barranquilla clinic, after the KO he received in his boxing bout x the 140 libs category in which he was knocked out by his rival José Muñoz, minutes later he left the ring on a stretcher unconscious.”

“We regret the sensitive passing of the boxer Luis Quiñonez after fighting for his life for 5 days, unfortunately he lost that battle, we express our most sincere condolences to all his family. Peace in his grave and resignation to the designs of God”, published the Colombian Boxing Federation.

Clínica General del Norte denied this report stating he was still alive but in critical condition.

“We allow ourselves to clarify that the athlete Luis Quiñonez is brain dead, he has not yet died, we apologize to his family and we are still clinging to a miracle,” the organization published.

The boxer collapsed in the last of the eight rounds of the scheduled bout for the national junior welterweight title. Quiñonez was just 25 years old with a boxing record consisting of 10 wins and just one loss.

At the hospital it was reported that Quiñonez remained in an induced coma, with a “very guarded prognosis for life and function with high morbimortality”, which his relatives had been informed.

World Boxing Association shared prayers for his health earlier this week.
“The pioneer organization sends a message of encouragement to his family, friends and all his environment in these moments of anxiety. We hope Quiñones makes a quick and satisfactory recovery.” – statement reads.