(Video) Boxer Jack Catterall grabs opponent’s throat during face offs ahead of match

Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall found themselves in a heated confrontation on Monday as they geared up for their highly anticipated rematch scheduled for April 27 in Leeds. The bitter rivals engaged in a war of words during the official press conference, escalating to a physical altercation during the staredown.

During the intense face-off, Taylor made the first move by grabbing Catterall’s jacket, prompting Catterall to retaliate by placing a hand around Taylor’s throat, sparking a brief scuffle. Security personnel and boxing promoter Eddie Hearn quickly intervened to prevent further escalation.

The tumultuous history between the two dates back to their initial encounter in February 2022, where Taylor controversially secured a split decision victory over Catterall. The disputed outcome led to a series of events, including a police referral by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Despite Taylor’s confidence in his win, the rematch was eagerly awaited by both fighters. Following recent victories by Catterall against Foley and Linares, the stakes are high for the impending bout, with the winner poised to challenge for world titles while the loser faces a challenging journey back to the top of the sport.

Following a media launch in Edinburgh, the light welterweight contenders are set to face off again in Catterall’s hometown before commencing their rigorous training camps. The tension between the two fighters continues to simmer, promising an electrifying showdown in the ring.

In conclusion, the rematch between Taylor and Catterall promises to be a clash of titans, with both fighters vying for redemption and glory in the highly anticipated bout.