(Video) Boxer grave digs in celebration next to his knocked out opponent

While there’s a lore in martial arts that it’s all about honor and dignity it’s also very much about ego. Modern day combat sports including boxing and martial arts is as much about the preamble as much as it’s about the event itself. And this is what one boxer came to learn the hard way.

Caleb Plant scored an impressive knock out win this Saturday against Anthony Dirrell. The 30 year old was hoping to rebound from a loss to Canelo Alvarez.

Plant finished Dirrell in a violent sequence many consider a contender for knock out of the year.

Plant delivered an epic KO after his corner advised he ‘sit down’ on his punches and maximize power. After delivering shots to the side of his body he transitioned into a hook that caught Dirrell clean and flattened him out on the spot.

But it’s what he did after that got him into hot water with the public. Plant appeared to mimic the digging of a grave by shoveling the imaginary dirt on top of his concussed opponent in celebration.

This was likely a tie in to a white shirt with “Plant flowers” written on it Dirrell’s wore earlier in the week.

Referee Harvey Dock rushed Plant when he saw it and attempted to get him to stop. He’s far from the first to attempt this celebration. Ortiz had done it 15 years earlier in UFC.