(Video) Bobby Green and Drew Dober have a wholesome funny exchange before result announcement

Bobby Green and Drew Dober and veterans of the sport. Bobby Green is just 36 year old yet he has more than 40 professional MMA outings. Green’s record was at 29 wins, 13 losses and 1 draw prior to UFC Vegas 66.

Green was matched against Drew Dober. Dober is 34 and has a record consisting of 26 wins 11 losses and 1 no contest.

He was on a two win spree heading into the event.

There was a lot of attention on Green who was coming off of a suspension for over the counter supplement that’s technically a testosterone booster. Green served a 6 month suspension and was exculpated by USADA.

Dober had no concerns about Green’s positive test heading into the event and was instead focusing on getting ahead.

Green may have gotten knocked out but there was no ill toward Dober. A clip of the two having a chat in the octagon prior to the winner announcement went viral.

Green started strong, leading with his jab. He was also very talkative throughout.


In the second round, Dober trapped him against the cage and caught him with a laser sharp punch that sent him tumbling to the ground.

Dober layered on some ground and pound before the ref had the chance to cut in and call a stop to action.


Dober and Green wound up as recipients of the $50,000 bonus for FOTN. Performance of the Night bonuses went to Michał Oleksiejczuk and Alex Caceres.

“Can I say, Bobby Green is the only man in the last quarter to say yes to me,” Dober said afterwards. “Take chances, chase greatness. Being perfect is boring. He’s fast, he’s hard to hit. He can talk. It was hard to deal with but I’m blessed that I found it.

“I think there’s a guy in the top 10 … Jalin Turner. I would love those problems. Please say yes.”

Turner tweeted right away seemingly agreeing to match with Dober.