(Video) BKFC upsets Jigsaw themed celebrations – when the guy realizes he was DQed and hasn’t won

A video of a disqualified athlete thinking that he’s won his bout is making the rounds. The man in the clip is Tomar Washington, one of the competitors at BKFC. Washington finished his opponent, Will Sears, and thought that the ref was going to raise his hand for the W.

He put on a jigsaw mask to celebrate as he confidently waited at the center of the ring for the ref. Washington also told the camera how he beat he won “standing up”.

However, it turns out that Washington had been DQ’d for an illegal punch to his grounded opponent. As soon as the announcer mentions it, his facial expressions completely changed.

He pulled off his saw mask in disgust and was so disappointed that he didn’t even let the BKFC cutman clean his face.

Based on the official decision, Sears defeated Washington via DQ in Round 2 (0:57). This was Washington’s first fight in three and a half years. The result meant that he couldn’t extend his 3-fight winning streak to 4 wins.

A Twitter commented:

“My man donned a Jigsaw mask and went to the ref for the announcement without understanding that he had lost by disqualification. BKFC blessing us with one of the all-time funniest moments in combat sports history tonight.”

The Twitterati are loving the video. One user commented: “It’s the proud sponsor arm raise for half a second that’s the icing here”

Of course, these incidents aren’t usually this confusing because the athletes often realize that they’ve made a mistake before the announcement. This kind of thing has happened when Jon Jones got DQed for 12-6 elbows. Also, when Petr Yan hit Aljamain Sterling with an illegal knee during their first bout, he immediately realized his blunder.