(Video) BJJ is great – but it could also get you in trouble in a real life situation with multiple assailants

Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner faced the biggest limitation of his chosen martial art when he used his grappling skills against several people in a street altercation. The grounded position of a jiu-jitsu guy leaves him open for attacks from multiple opponents he’s not able to engage.

When talking about martial arts for self defense, Jiu jitsu might be one of the frequent recommendations. This grappling and submission holds martial arts can help you defend yourself without dealing unnecessary damage that might get you into trouble with law later. However, its effectiveness is still debatable when you compare jiu jitsu to other martial arts like that feature striking.

Many people believe that in a street situation you need to finish your opponent as fast as possible and bail immediately. This is to avoid getting jumped by on lookers or collaborators of the guy that is messing with you.

Brazilian jiu jitsu or BJJ is arguably the most popular grappling martial arts for self defense and it’s super effective against one attacker. When it comes to multiple enemies, using BJJ is definitely not a good choice.

This is proven with a viral video where a BJJ practitioner got into an altercation with several people. In the video, a guy in yellow shorts who is clearly trained BJJ can be seen scrambling with another guy who seemingly has no experience in martial arts.

It’s obvious that the BJJ guy is dominating his opponent on the ground. Unfortunately, it’s all useless as other people surrounding him are constantly punching and kicking him. Eventually, the situation got flipped and the BJJ guy got dominated until another group of people came and separated the two.

BJJ might not be effective against multiple opponents. But, this doesn’t mean it would be completely useless to practice this martial art. It’s still super effective in a one-on-one fight and it also improves your core strength. One thing to note is not to go to the ground against multiple opponents.