(Video) Belgian shot putter runs 100m hurdles to save team from disqualification

Belgium’s very own shot put and hammer throw champion Jolien Boumkwo proved her exceptional team spirit during the European Championships in Poland. In a truly extraordinary display of dedication, Boumkwo took on an unexpected challenge outside her usual events and fearlessly competed in the 100 meters hurdles race to prevent her team from facing disqualification.

Boumkwo’s remarkable act caught the attention of sports enthusiasts worldwide, as a video capturing her hurdling skills quickly went viral. Sporting a radiant smile, she approached each hurdle with precision and grace.

The reason behind her impromptu participation was the unfortunate withdrawal of Belgium’s two hurdlers due to injuries. Had no Belgian athlete been able to compete in the hurdles race, the entire team would have faced disqualification. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Boumkwo courageously stepped in to fill the void left by her injured teammates.

At 29 years old, Boumkwo faced the challenge head-on. She demonstrated her athleticism and unwavering spirit.

Completing the race without knocking down a single hurdle, she crossed the finish line with a time of 32.81 seconds. This placed her 19 seconds behind the victorious Spanish sprinter Teresa Errandonea, who took first place in 13.22. Her selfless act earned her well-deserved applause from the audience and admiration from her fellow competitors.

Boumkwo’s valiant effort in the hurdles race resulted in earning two crucial points for the Belgian team. These points hold significant importance as the competition’s rules dictate that the bottom three countries in Division 1 will face relegation. Boumkwo’s dedication and exceptional performance not only ensured the team’s continued participation but also improved their standing in the competition.

Jolien Boumkwo’s awe-inspiring act of selflessness and determination exemplified the true essence of team spirit. Her impromptu participation in the hurdles race not only prevented her team from disqualification but also earned them valuable points. Her remarkable display will undoubtedly be remembered as a shining moment of sportsmanship in the European Championships.