(Video) Battered by a bench: Sports fan KOes himself during celebration

A West Ham fan woke up with more than just a sore head after celebrating his team’s triumph over AZ Alkmaar. The Hammers secured a 3-1 aggregate victory in the tie, earning them a place in their first European final in 47 years.

Throughout the game and after the final whistle, West Ham supporters were in high spirits. One particularly jubilant fan caught the attention of onlookers as he waved his shirt in excitement following Pablo Fornals’ impressive solo goal, which sealed West Ham’s spot in Prague.

However, amidst the euphoria, a comical mishap occurred. As the fan descended from the stage, he unintentionally put all his weight on one end of a large bench, causing it to spring up and strike him squarely in the face. The incident had an uncanny resemblance to a scene from a cartoon, with social media users drawing comparisons to Tom & Jerry.

Videos of the incident quickly spread on Twitter, eliciting hysterical reactions from viewers. One user referred to it as “comedy gold,” while another described it as “classic slapstick in real life.”

Unfortunately, the celebrations in Holland were marred by sketchy scenes that unfolded after the game. Several AZ Alkmaar supporters initiated attacks on a section of the stand where friends and family of West Ham players were seated. Security personnel swiftly intervened, separating the Alkmaar fans, who were dressed in all-black attire to avoid identification, from the West Ham supporters who had traveled to support their team.

West Ham’s last appearance in a European final dates back to the 1975-76 Cup Winners’ Cup, where they suffered a 4-2 defeat against Belgian side Anderlecht. In the previous season, the Hammers came close to breaking that streak but were eliminated in the Europa League semifinals by eventual champions Eintracht Frankfurt.

As West Ham prepares for their long-awaited European final, this peculiar incident involving their exuberant fan serves as a memorable, albeit unintentional, part of their journey. Supporters and neutrals alike will be eagerly awaiting the outcome of the final, hoping for an exciting and incident-free match that can truly be celebrated without any unexpected surprises.