(Video) Bareknuckle bout winner ends up resembling a Funko pop

Bare-knuckle boxing is often regarded as a more intense and injury prone sport compared to traditional boxing with gloves. This is because bare-knuckle boxers have a higher chance of sustaining facial bone fractures, cuts, and bruises due to direct knuckle hits on the face.

In a recent RCC HARD tournament held in Russia on April 29, the athletes took the intensity to a whole new level. The tournament featured both renowned and lesser-known cobatants, with almost all matches ending in a mess. However, the showdown between Sergei Kalinin and Christian Frolich stood out as one of the most thrilling matches of the night.

Kalinin, also known as ‘Kratos,’ was the favorite to win. Still, Frolich proved to be a formidable opponent who refused to back down despite the injury he sustained early on in the match. Both competitors displayed incredible sportsmanship by getting through the pain and delivering an exciting display of their skills.

The two athletes went all out from the first bell, and Kalinin dominated the initial rounds. However, Frolich, who showed remarkable resilience, landed some powerful shots that landed on his opponent’s face. Despite the injuries sustained, Kalinin didn’t give up leading to an exciting showdown on the ring.

As the rounds went on, both athletes were left with their hands and heads smeared, and Kalinin’s face was barely recognizable due to its bloated and injured state. Nevertheless, the Russian boxer managed to maintain his composure and emerged as the victor in the final round.

Bare-knuckle boxing is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a sport that requires both physical and mental strength, where athletes push themselves to the limit to secure a win. In this tournament, Kalinin proved that he has what it takes to be a champion, emerging victorious despite the facial injuries he sustained.