(Video) Bare knuckle official allows vicious beating of already knocked out competitor to continue

MMA is a challenging sport. Many mixed martial artists have to go through a number of ‘close call’ experiences in sparring just to make it to the ring.

The wild, chaotic nature of MMA attracts the masses. MMA athletes had to face many brutal injuries in their outings and with no guarantees.

An uptick in fatal knock outs as of recent is certainly eyebrow raising. A number of boxers, kickboxers and mixed martial artist have lost their life during professional bouts and in sparring lately.

This next case goes on to show us that perhaps we need to prioritize safety over viewership whenever possible.

This next video showcases a bare knuckle event from an unknown promotion in Russia where we can see one competitor viciously and decisively knock out his opponent within minutes. But despite that the bout is allowed to continue even though the gentleman is clearly having trouble with eye hand coordination and wobbling on his feet.

In the opening round of the bout, Ruslan Veretenin landed a punch on his opponent’s face. His opponent fell. Many viewers were convinced that he would not get back to his feet. But, somehow, he managed to stand up and even more surprising the referee greenlit his comeback.

The man lost his balance but still tried to put up resistance for another minute. Meanwhile, Ruslan hit him with a punch to the side of his head, which proved to be the final nail in his coffin.

In the end, the devastating effects of the bout were obvious on the loser’s face. Medical staff checked him and provided first aid.