(Video) Australian teens go viral after staging a mortal combat type event and filming the whole thing

A small town in the Northern Rivers region of NSW is grappling with an upsetting trend of combat challenges, with teenagers staging clashes and sharing the footage on social media. The culture, reminiscent of the infamous from the 1999 movie of the same name, has left many locals feeling helpless and scared.

Several videos have surfaced online showing event between teenagers. In one video, two teenage girls can be seen in a duel while their friends cheer them on.

Another video shows a teenager being pulled by her hair, while a third video captures another pair of girls brawling on the grass while a crowd watches, takes videos on their phones, and laughs.


New South Wales Police Assistant Commissioner Gavin Wood has spoken out against the behavior, labeling it “disgusting” and “criminal.” He has also called out the parents who were caught watching the ‘events’. “Filming yourself committing a crime and posting the video online is a sure-fire way to get yourself arrested,” he warned.

While the police are doing their best to address the issue, Assistant Commissioner Gavin Wood has also highlighted the need for the community to take responsibility. “Everyone has to take responsibility and buy in… in line with the old adage, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’… that’s what I am talking about,” he said.


In response to the trend, locals have taken matters into their own hands by keeping accounts of incidents on local Facebook page.

Richmond Valley Council Deputy Mayor Stephen Morrissey said his town had a problem with youth, and that the issue was becoming worse. He claimed the matter has grown out of control since major floods hit the area and nearby Lismore in 2022.


The catastrophic floods that hit the area in February and March last year have added to the problem, according to Mr Morrissey. Thousands of residents were left homeless, while the final insurance loss was estimated to be $5.7 billion, making it the most expensive disaster in Australian history.


The trend has left longtime residents feeling sad and helpless, with some saying their lovely town has been taken over by upset teenagers. Primary school-aged children and even parents have been caught taking part in the sickening phenomenon at Casino.