(Video) Audience goes wild, throws chair during Glory event

It was a very busy and excitin weekend for all fans of combat sports. There was UFC London and record breaking 9 performance bonuses in addition to a fun exhibition between Hafthor Bjornsson (aka The Mountain of GOT fame) and longtime rival. But there was also a Glory kickboxing event that caused quite a stir.

Glory 80 event was hectic. The kickboxing event was held in Hasselt, Belgium this past weekend. Fans were ready for a huge show – Belgium and Netherlands have massive numbers of kickboxing fans getting ready in line to watch the Dutch kickboxing legend, Badr Hari in match against Akradiusz Wrzosek.

But things quickly escalated. Badr Hari went on to get knocked down via a flying knee during round 2. The arena felt the knock out hit a little too close to home. The Trixxo Arena became supercharged with tension and things soon became hostile. Fans were quite displeased with the outcome of the event. They expressed their displeasure by throwing chairs, drinks and other paraphernalia to the ring.

Now in spite of the havoc – the match hadn’t even ended yet. It wasn’t ruled and Hair got up to his feet. Thanks to the chaos outside of the ring, the match wasn’t called.

Subsequently co-main event was cancelled and security became a priority. Headliners were also called off due to the hostile atmosphere. Glory ended up releasing an apologetic statement.

 “GLORY deeply regrets that GLORY 80 was interrupted by people exhibiting unsafe behavior,” the official statement read. “We never condone or accept behavior that endangers other fans that come to our events to enjoy a night of top sport. Upon the request of the police in the city of Hasselt, we stopped the event after the 2nd round of Hari – Wrzosek.”

“We apologize to the fans who did not get to see the end of this bout and the Ben Saddik [vs] Rigters matchup [and] also to the athletes who trained so hard and did not to compete. Martial arts is a sport of respect and fair competition inside and outside of the ring.”