(Video) Astrid Wett releases ‘cringe’ disstrack with lyrics about rival’s dad ahead of boxing match up

OF influencer Astrid Wett has found herself in the midst of controversy after releasing a fiery diss track aimed at her rival, Alexia Grace.

Initially, Wett was slated to face off against Grace during the summer. But much to the disappointment of fans, the highly anticipated bout never came to fruition. The tension reached its peak when during a face-off as Grace allegedly threw Wett over a table in an altercation that raised suspicions of being staged.

The good news is that the fans won’t be kept waiting for long. The bout is now rescheduled to take place on 14th October as part of a jam-packed Misfits Boxing undercard. With so much anticipation surrounding this event, the stakes are higher than ever.

In the lead-up to the long-awaited showdown, Wett decided to take an unconventional route by releasing a diss track aimed at her rival Alexia Grace. This move left fans surprised, as the diss track took an unexpected turn with Wett singing, “I’m gonna win the fight, then I’m gonna f*** your Dad.”

The lyrics certainly caught the attention of many, albeit not necessarily in a positive way.

On platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter), fans expressed their views candidly.

One fan wrote: “The amount of CRINGE in this two minute clip.”

Another commented: “Never too late to delete.”

A different fan wrote: “What is this cringe?”

The card tomorrow is packed with excitement, featuring notable figures like Salt Papi at the Manchester Arena. However. it is the co-main event is what truly has fans buzzing – Logan Paul versus Dillon Danis. This matchup has been filled with bad blood in the lead-up, with legal issues and altercations adding fuel to the fire.

Dillon Danis found himself facing a restraining order due to his posts about Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal. But at a recent altercation at a face-off, Paul suffered a head injury which further intensified the anticipation surrounding this contest.

Additionally, fans are eagerly awaiting the match-up between KSI and Tommy Fury. It marks Fury’s second venture into the influencer boxing scene after defeating Jake Paul. The press conference for this bout took a dramatic turn as Tommy Fury’s father John Fury attempted to break through a glass barrier to confront KSI.