(Video) Astrid Wett put through table by opponent Alexia Grace in new chapter of boxing feud

Influencer Astrid Wett was put through a table by her opponent, Alexia Grace. The intense feud between the two began back in May during a press conference for the boxing bout between YouTube icon KSI and Joe Fournier.

Astrid Wett, known as an OnlyFans model and a Chelsea supporter, boasts an impressive 2-0 record in boxing, with victories over Keeley and AJ Bunker. She was set to enter the ring for the third time in a bout organized by her own boxing promotion.

The altercation between Wett and Grace took an ugly turn outside the ring at Bronx Gym, where they engaged in a heated argument. Emotions escalated, and Wett slapped her opponent. Grace retaliated by screaming an expletive at Wett before forcefully pushing her through a nearby table.

The scene turned chaotic as on-site personnel rushed to separate the wannabe boxers. Concern for Wett’s well-being grew as medical personnel were called to attend to the 22-year-old. YouTube star Keemstar shared photos on Twitter showing Wett being placed on a stretcher after the incident.

The live stream, which was being broadcast on YouTube, was cut shortly after the incident and has not resumed since. The entire boxing event was marred by the unexpected altercation, leaving fans and viewers stunned.

The feud between Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace has been brewing for months, and it finally reached a boiling point on Saturday evening. While tensions often run high in combat sports, the incident between the two took a dangerous and unprecedented turn.


As the aftermath of the altercation unfolds, there will undoubtedly be repercussions for both fighters involved. The boxing community and fans will be eagerly awaiting updates on Astrid Wett’s condition and the potential consequences for Alexia Grace.