(Video) Arman Tsarukyan Grabs Bobby Green by the Throat in latest footage from Hotel incident

The latest footage from the recent hotel lobby altercation between UFC stars Arman Tsarukyan and Bobby Green has recently come to light.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Green said that Tsarukyan and his crew had abused him as he was finishing up some media obligations in preparation for his Saturday night co-main event bout with Jalin Turner. All we knew at the time was what Green told us.

Subsequently, Arman Tsarukyan has released his own video from the event. This provides a more precise understanding of the exchange between the two lightweight stars.

The video portrays Tsarukyan approaching Bobby Green and stating, “You’re talking sh*t about me.” Green says back what Tsarukyan stated and then told “get your people out of my face.”

Tsarukyan then proposes a one-on-one confrontation. And then Green replied: “We can do whatever you want to do.”

The two continue their back-and-forth for a little while until Green seems to push Tsarukyan’s shoulder. In response, Tsarukyan grabbed Green’s neck but they were separated.

As Tsarukyan and his team head toward the elevators, they return upon learning of Green’s continued presence in the lobby.

Throughout the altercation, Bobby Green repeatedly asserts “You started it.”

The rift between Tsarukyan and Green likely originates from comments Green made in an interview with The Schmo before UFC Austin. Green criticized Tsarukyan’s style, potentially igniting the conflict.

Both stand as key figures in the lightweight division, hinting at a future showdown inside the Octagon. But prior to that, they must overcome their upcoming challenges.

In the co-main event, Green will take against Jalin Turner as a last-minute substitute. His original opponent Dan Hooker was forced to withdraw with an arm injury.

Meanwhile, Tsarukyan aims to further ascend the lightweight rankings in a main event clash against perennial contender Beneil Dariush.