(Video) Anti-Semitic slurs spark physical conflict between Jewish and Catholic school at a Florida soccer match

During a football match between two private high schools (one Jewish and the other Catholic) in Miami last week, a nasty altercation broke out.

Several of the players said they had been subjected to anti-Semitic slurs.

In a video, players can be seen dueling shortly after the game ended on Wednesday night. The match was between the Scheck Hillel Community School and Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School in Florida.

The footage also shows others flooding out of the stands to join the mass scrap. Multiple punches and shoves were delivered in the proces.

According to the parents of the Jewish school’s players, someone allegedly screamed that WWII Germany had the right idea, leading to a dramatic reaction.

Additionally, others allegedly used more anti-Semitic slurs in the midst of the altercation.

The incident apparently resulted in one injury, but more information is not yet available.

After the internet claims of anti-Semitism and the video went viral, the two religious schools jointly released a statement.

“The Archdiocese of Miami and Scheck Hillel have zero tolerance for any kind of aggressive language and behavior, antisemitism or hate of any kind. We are thankful for the faculty of both schools, who immediately managed the situation with care and concern for the students.”

“Both Scheck Hillel and the Archdiocese are investigating the matter, and will take appropriate action with the students involved. The Archdiocese and Scheck Hillel are committed to working together, over the long term, to build understanding between both schools in our mutual commitment to safety, respect, and forgiveness.”

The schools said that they are looking into the allegations and that they would take “appropriate action” against anybody found guilty.