(Video) Anderson Silva puts Chael Sonnen on the spot, the two share an epic moment together

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen put their differences aside and embraced each other warmly at Jake Paul’s press conference.

Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva will compete against Jake Paul in a boxing match scheduled in Arizona on October 29.

It will be an exciting boxing match because Jake never opposed someone as lauded as Anderson Silva before.

Silva was the longest reigning champion in the history of UFC, but has since transitioned to boxing in 2020 when he left UFC.

Recently, Anderson Silva attended a press conference arranged by Jake Paul. The event was hosted by Chael Sonnen, who was once the biggest rival of Silva’s.

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen competed against each other twice for the UFC middleweight championship.

Anderson Silva defeated Sonnen both times to successfully defend his title. In the first, Sonnen showed great offense and dominated the opening rounds, but Silva won in the final round via submission.

In the 2nd, Anderson Silva knocked him out in the 2nd round.

In a funny exchange, Sonnen said he would support the Brazilian to which Anderson jokingly replied by saying he would invite Sonnen to a barbecue. For the people who don’t know what they were talking about, Sonnen took a shot at Silva’s wife before their rematch in 2012. He said he wanted the Brazilian’s wife to serve him a stake.

After winning the rematch, Anderson invited him to a barbecue at his house.

“Let me tell you something Chael, you never came to my house. You never came to the barbeque. Why?”

Sonnen replied, “I didn’t think it was [a] sincere offer. If I knew I was really invited, I didn’t know if your wife really forgave me, it was a whole thing. That’s the real answer why I didn’t come.”

Silva responded, “Of course, you need to come. Please, here. Not in Brazil, a lot of people will try to kill you, trust me. People hate you in Brazil, I [don’t]! I love you man.”