(Video) Amateur boxer knocks out ‘Shaolin monk’ within 2 minutes at martial arts event

The world of martial arts has always been fascinating, especially when it comes to Shaolin monks. These legendary figures have been the subject of numerous films and pop culture references. However, a recent event in China left one Shaolin monk embarrassed and exposed.

On April 7, the province of Guangdong hosted a kung fu boxing championship event at a local shopping mall.

It featured a self-proclaimed Shaolin monk, Shi Yongjun, and an amateur boxer named Ah Jun. Despite Shi’s claims of being a Shaolin monk, the bout quickly turned disastrous for him.

Shi suffered two knockdowns and was ultimately knocked out within minutes of the bout. The clip of his defeat spread quickly on social media, with Chinese fans getting a good laugh at Shi’s expense.

The legitimacy of Shi’s status as a Shaolin monk was quickly questioned by many in China. Observers noted that his movements were nothing like those of a legitimate Shaolin kung fu practitioner. Regardless of the truth, Shi Yongjun has become an internet sensation in China, but not in the way he had hoped.

The Shaolin monks originated in the Shaolin Temple in China’s Henan province, where they developed their distinctive style of kung fu. The monks’ rigorous training involves physical conditioning, meditation, and spiritual discipline. They have become famous for their acrobatic movements, such as their ability to balance on one finger or perform incredible jumps and kicks.

Despite the recent embarrassment suffered by Shi Yongjun, the legacy of the Shaolin monks remains intact. They are still revered for their discipline, dedication, and unique style, which has inspired many martial artists around the world.