(Video) Alleged Thief gets put into place after threatening a professional mixed martial artist half his size

Arrogant people often come to the gym or training facilities to challenge combat sports athletes to either prove themselves or simply hate specific athletes. Some time ago, UFC Kevin Holland was challenged by a troll. IBF flyweight champion Sunny Edwards also taught a lesson to a Twitter user as of recent.

Similar thing happened recently at the Train 4 Life Center gym in California. A man named Omari Garland challenged an athlete who was almost half  his size. It didn’t take long for Garland to give up.

The gym shared more information to their Instagram account. They said Garland walked into their gym and signed a waiver to have a brief training session. However, he had a bit of an altercation with MMA prospect Terrance Saeteurn.

Terrance Saeteurn had his professional debut back in May at Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat 3. ‘Wrong Turn’ won his debut after knocking out Isaiah Wright with only 42 seconds into the first round. He also boasted an amateur record consisting of 8 wins and 1 loss.

The gym coach decided to pair Saeteurn and Garland in a sparring bout. Garland can be seen having a way bigger frame compared to Saeteurn. The pair tussled for a bit with Garland seemingly having a much bigger power while Saeteurn is more faster and precise.

It didn’t take long for Garland to give up and halt the conflict. This surely irked the whole gym, especially the coach who was recording the incident.

Later on, the gym members realized that Omari Garland was an armed robber who stole a phone from an elderly 70-year-old man at gunpoint. The crime happened a month ago at the old man’s house and the incident was filmed.

“WOW! Another COWARD post! First off, please get this straight; T4L, its coaches, staff and members do not condone violence. However, WE ARE DEFENDER OF PEACE, OUR COMMUNITY, OURSELVES AND THOSE WHO CANNOT DEFEND THEMSELVES. We take this very seriously and we feel it necessary to get this info out to the public. Sorry for the foul language in the video…

This man without a shirt in the video decided to come in, sign a waiver and train with us last night. He then decided to threaten a much smaller man, one of our coaches saying, “I’ll beat you down.” Now, every last week of the month is spar week here at T4L. So, we let them spar and he quickly learned he messed with the wrong one, called Time-Out in the 1st round with 1:30 left on the clock(look at the red clock bottom right). Gym justice served. But it gets more interesting…

With internal investigation, we found out this mans name is Omari Garland, we have a signed waiver from him. Garland was arrested last month for assaulting a 70yr old man in front of his home at gunpoint in Fairfield. You probably heard about this assault. Police found the elderly mans phone on him investigated and tied him to several more crimes!! Here’s the kicker…

How does Omari Garland FREELY WALK INTO OUR TRAINING FACILITY A MONTH AFTER ASSAULTING AN ELDERLY ASIAN MAN AT GUNPOINT?! Then threaten a much smaller asian man at our facility?!?! Unacceptable.

City officials, police departments and citizens of our community, I hope you realize now after shutting us down for 2 years that MARTIAL ARTS GYMS ARE ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES.

Ladies and gentlemen, realize these scumbags have no stamina and no skill. With basic skills and decent conditioning you too can defend yourselves against an attacker. Go TRAIN!!”