(Video) All hell breaks loose during a Wedding brawl, leaving one person stabbed

An extravagant wedding for an Australian couple became chaotic when guests began brawling outside the venue, leaving one participant nursing a stab wound.

A group brawl broke out at the Grand Paradiso in Fairfield, in Sydney’s west. The incident took place at about 11 p.m. on Thursday.

Two well-dressed males were seen pushing and shoving one another in the video as argument escalates. One of them launches a left hook that just misses, but it instantly raises the tension among on lookers.

Then, the altercation abruptly turns into a full-fledged mass scale brawl. Guys in suits heap one onto another on the sidewalk.

A man who seemed to deliver the initial blow is seen being kicked and thrown to the ground by another attendee. According to 7 News , a 49-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with injuries to his hand and face.

Police were questioning a guy, but no charges have been brought as of yet.

The ceremony had previously gone off without a hitch. Guests had been spotted dancing and drumming as the newlyweds tied their know and celebrated their union with their loved ones.