(Video) Alex Pereira pranks Glover Teixeira into eating a towel

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira is gearing up for a monumental showdown at UFC 295. He made the decision to shift to the Light Heavyweight division back in April 2023.

Currently, Pereira is preparing for his match against former UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jiří Procházka.

At 36 years old with an impressive UFC record of 8-2-0, Pereira is renowned for his lethal left hook and exceptional skills. Beyond his octagon prowess, he is also a huge prankster.

This former kickboxing powerhouse recently delighted fans with a clip shared across his social media platforms. In this video, Pereira orchestrated a prank on the former UFC light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira.

At a restaurant where the two were eating, Pereira made the decision to have some fun. He took a napkin and rolled it up in the video. Then he placed it in a box.

Pereira then gave the plate to Teixeira, encouraging him to give it a try.

Addressing Teixeira, Pereira said: “Here bro, you like a lot of weird stuff. you try this looks like that tripe stuff you always eat.”

Glover then went on to say: “Oh you got something for me. Ok you know I eat anything”

As Teixeira took a bite, it quickly became evident that this wasn’t a culinary adventure. Pereira and the other diners in the restaurant then began to laugh at Glover Teixeira. He first seemed irritated at Alex Pereira, but later he joined in on the laughter.

Alex Pereira and Glover Teixeira are both formidable figures in the UFC with respective records of 8-2-0 and 39-9-0. While Pereira now competes in the Light Heavyweight division, Teixeira is a former UFC light heavyweight champion.

Their friendship traces back to 2017 when Pereira made the move to the United States, training at Teixeira’s gym in Connecticut. Impressed by Teixeira’s skill, the two quickly became friends.

Since then, they’ve honed their skills side by side. The duo is known not only for their combat sports prowess but also for their playful spirits.

Earlier this year, Pereira extended a heartfelt gesture as he gifted Teixeira a brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Teixeira became quite emotional as he expressed his gratitude for the cherished gift and for the enduring friendship they shared.