(Video) Alex Pereira explains how he set up that devastating knock out over Sean Strickland

Alex Pereira recently got together with former UFC light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira to explain how he knocked out Sean Strickland. Pereira explained to teammate how he came to land his signature strike on Strickland.

Alex Pereira is slowly becoming a hype train with a lot of MMA fans admiring his spectacular UFC 276 performance last weekend.

‘Poatan’ had his third UFC bout against controversial fighter Sean Strickland. The former Glory Kickboxing champion only needed 2.5 minutes to knockout Strickland with his deadly left hook. This victory marked his 6th win streak in his professional career.

Not long after the fight ended, Pereira met Glover Teixeira backstage and the pair discussed Pereira’s fight. Pereira explained what happened during the fight from his perspective and what he did to set up the knockout to the former champion.

Pereira explained that Strickland was doing a good job with his jabs and closing distance. However, Pereira was one step ahead and tricked Strickland to lower his defense.

“He[Strickland] kept walking forward. And I was trying to find the distance. Because he has a really good jab. Then I went for a leg kick. “

“But he moved his leg and I missed badly. But there was a good kick that hit him on his thigh. And two kicks that landed on his calf.”

“Because of that, I changed my plan. I started hitting him on the chest. That’s right, he lowered his hand(to defend). When I realized that, BOOM.” Pereira explained.


Following this victory, many UFC athletes are eyeing Pereira. However, a lot of fans are yearning for Pereira to take on his old rival, Israel Adesanya. Alex Pereira defeated Adesanya two times in kickboxing back in 2016 and 2017. Pereira is also willing to move up to light heavyweight and get a title shot.