(Video) African Judo instructor goes too far with slamming technique, causes fan outrage

A video of an African Judo instructor teaching throws to his students has gone viral recently. While combat sports fans are used to seeing incredible feats of athleticism and skill in the world of combat sports, this video was different. The throws demonstrated by the instructor were not only vicious, but they also left his students battered and bruised.

This is very similar to a case that captured the media attention previously –  a case of a kid in Taiwan who succumbed to brain swelling after a judo class where he kept being tossed.

The video was shared on social media, with the caption “African Judo is different…”. It quickly garnered a lot of reactions from fans, but not for the right reasons. Most fans were outraged by the instructor’s actions and the way he treated his students.

The video showed the instructor going for three brutal throws, leaving his opponent thumped up and in pain. The sound emitted after the student’s body hit the mat was so loud that it worried many fans about the condition of the kid. The brutality showcased by the instructor enraged a major chunk of fans who commented on the video.


Some fans were worried and presented their opinions about the incident. They predicted a lot of mishaps that might have happened to the student after absorbing the throws. A few of them even pointed out the possibility of internal bleeding and severe spinal injuries.

It is unclear why the instructor felt the need to use such brutal training methods with his students. As a martial artist herself, Ronda Rousey, who is known for her superior Judo skills, might not have reacted well to this video. It is important for combat sports instructors to prioritize the safety of their students while teaching them the skills they need to succeed.


The world of combat sports is full of exciting moments, but it is also important to ensure the safety of the participants. This video of an African Judo instructor teaching throws to his students in a sadistic manner was not well-received by most fans. It’s very important to highlight such behaviors in hopes of outlawing them in combat sports communities around the world.