(Video) Adult star Astrid Wett defeats Keeley in one round after getting embarrassed by KSI

OnlyFans star Astrid Wett heavily dominated TikToker Keeley Colbran in a single round. Colbran, who didn’t land a single significant punch, threw in the towel before the end of the starting round.

Exhibition boxing nowadays features various competitors ranging from social media stars, influencers, controversial figures, and even adult stars. These non-professional boxers are there for the entertainment leading up to the showdown with some gimmicks to make it more exciting. As for their clash in the squared circle, fans usually can’t hope for much.

However, with such low expectations, fans were still disappointed with the recent performance displayed by Keeley Colbran, the daughter of popular TikToker Simon ‘Simple’ Colbran. Keeley had her one and only boxing match yesterday and was paired with OnlyFans star Astrid Wett.

The pair exchanged blows at MF & DAZN Series 2, a collaboration event between DAZN and KSI’s promotion Misfits Boxing. Both Wett and Keeley had no experience in the boxing ring and only trained for this event.

The difference is that Astrid Wett was serious in defeating her opponent. As soon as the match started, Wett went for the knockout and threw a lot of heavy punches. Meanwhile, Colbran was desperately blocking while throwing inaccurate punches. She missed a lot and this cycle continued until her corner threw in the towel.

This marked Wett’s first victory and the 22-year-old isn’t showing any sign to quit boxing. She called out influencers out there to take her on in the ring following her win. “Any female influencer who wants to take the challenge, I’m here,” Wett said.


Astrid Wett was previously booked to box TikTok star Elle Brook. However, Wett pulled out from the fight due to safety fears 1 month before the showdown, and Love Island star AJ Bunker stepped in on short notice with just 10 days left.