(Video) Adin Ross was livid after losing $1M betting on Covington at UFC 296

Renowned hip-hop artist Drake is putting his money where his allegiance lies, placing a substantial $250,000 bet on Leon Edwards to triumph over Colby Covington by knockout in the UFC 296 welterweight championship clash. The potential windfall for Drake could reach an impressive $1.2 million.

While Drake is no stranger to sports betting, having experienced losses totaling $2 million in 2022, he’s not likely footing the bill for his bets unlike streamer Adin Ross.

Adin Ross reportedly lost $1M betting on Colby Covington at UFC 296, and he livestreamed his reaction to the main event. In the video, we can see Ross be visibly upset.

The opening round saw a measured start, with both fighters exchanging strikes. Edwards connected with a significant right hand, setting the tone for the bout. Covington attempted a takedown, but Edwards skillfully defended, showcasing superior accuracy.

As the fight progressed into the second round, Edwards continued to outclass Covington in striking, focusing on the challenger’s legs. Covington, known for his wrestling prowess, deviated from his usual pace, engaging in a low-action kickboxing exchange with the champion.

Edwards maintained control in rounds three and four, displaying versatility by switching stances and effectively targeting Covington’s legs. Despite a late takedown attempt by Covington in the fourth round, Edwards showcased remarkable balance and remained dominant.

The final round saw Covington secure an early takedown, but Edwards quickly returned to his feet. In a grappling exchange, Edwards threatened with submissions, demonstrating his well-rounded skills. While Covington managed some ground control, it wasn’t enough to sway the judges.

Leon Edwards defended his title with a decisive scorecard win with all 3 judges scoring 49-46.