(Video) Adesanya confronted Comedian Bert Kreischer after he claimed he could beat him

Comedian Bert Kreischer recently took a trip down memory lane as he shared a captivating story during his appearance on Joe Rogan’s immensely popular podcast. Kreischer recalled the night he and Israel Adesanya attempted to brawl in a New Zealand.

The comedian stated that he trash-talked about the UFC middleweight champion, who terrified him when they first met in person last month. This extraordinary meeting left a lasting impression on Kreischer, who had previously underestimated the raw power and presence of the champion.

Kreischer told Joe Rogan, “I used to say that I think I could beat up Stylebender, if we were drinking. We’d have to drink the same amount”

The joke turned into an extraordinary reality when Kreischer found himself face to face with Adesanya during a visit to New Zealand. He said: “I was fooling around with Tom [Segura]. I never thought I’d meet Stylebender. That motherf***er rolls up to my show in New Zealand and first of all is way bigger than you think and his hands are huge.”

“The first thing he does is he grabs my arm to like dap me up and he throws a knee, and he grabs me by the back of the neck and goes, ‘You still think you could f*** me up.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m so sorry.’”

The new then buddies went to a neighborhood pub and ended up attempting to instigate a scrap with everyone. Nobody seemed very interested, so Kriescher ultimately decided to buy everyone several rounds of drinks.

He said: “That guy is the coolest motherf***er. We get pretty lit in a bar at three in the morning in New Zealand and he stands up and I stand up with him back-to-back shirtless both of us and we challenge everyone in the ba ”

“He stands up and the first words out of his mouth are, ‘I’ll kill every motherf***ker in the room for this man right here’. So, then you know my shirt comes off. We go to table-to-table challenging motherf***kers. Who wants it?”

“We end up buying the whole bar shots, three times.”