(Video) A wild scrap breaks out at last night’s Young Nudy concert

Young Nudy is an American rapper and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. His real name is Quantavious Thomas.

Nudy is known for his unique style of rapping and his association with fellow Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, who is also his cousin. Some of his popular songs include “No Clue,” “Yeah Yeah,” and “Extendo” among others. He has released several mixtapes and albums throughout his career, including “Slimeball” and “DR. EV4L.”

Apparently he’s also quite popular with the younger generations which is how an incident broke out.

According to reports from social media, Young Nudy suffered a setback when his concert had a scrap break out.

Viral footage of the group scrap features multiple groups that are engaging in duels. The gentlemen try to resolve their conflict.

One man in particular seems incapacitated and his opponent moves on to another group as music blares loudly from the speaker nearby.

The scrap then becomes a sort of a 2 on 1 deal with the group struggling to control the situation.

This prompts more onlookers to get involved and try to defuse the situation albeit to no avail.

The viral footage is a cautionary tale of what happens when a group of men are all incapable of defending themselves while at the same time instigating a conflict.

It’s mind boggling the amount of people that just seems to have no understanding of self defense fundamentals and an inability to resolve their issues peacefully.

There was even a slam attempt of sorts, which was more a case of gravity than a case of wrestling skill utilization.