(Video) A scrap broke out between security and pro-abortion students

A pro-life event held by the organization Students for Life at Virginia Commonwealth University was disrupted by liberal students and reported members of Antifa, a far-left group.

The event was intended to discuss abortion and featured two speakers, Kristen Hawkins and Isabel Brown. However, protesters began hurling insults at the speakers, with videos from the event showing them shouting “f**k pro-lifers”.

In addition, strikes were allegedly thrown, and the Students for Life Chapter President, Autumn Higashi, was injured.

Kristen Hawkins took to Twitter to express her disappointment at the event’s disruption and the lack of protection afforded to the speakers by school security.

Hawkins claimed that the university should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the disruption to occur and shutting down freedom of thought and speech on their campus. She also accused the protesters of being crybabies.

Isabel Brown took to Twitter to express her shock at the violence and insanity she witnessed on the campus. Brown revealed that she and Hawkins were escorted into a locked room for two hours for their own safety, while protesters walked free.

Brown claimed that she had lost her “Antifa virginity” and offered the protesters a chance to ask their questions first, but they adamantly denied the opportunity.

The disruption of the pro-life event at Virginia Commonwealth University highlights the need for more open and respectful dialogue on college campuses. The attributes demonstrated by the liberal students and reported members of Antifa do not serve to broaden perspectives or promote understanding.

It is essential that universities ensure the safety and protection of all speakers, regardless of their opinions or beliefs, to facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas.