(Video) A tiny bit of wrestling goes a long way in a physical conflict

There’s something to be said about spontaneous conflicts although it’s worth noting that as MMA seeps into the collective consciousness of society, more and more casuals seem aware of core principles of striking.

Recently an exchange from the Vegas strip went viral. Now the two men in this conflict provided no insight into why they found themselves changing stances in the middle of the day but both seem eager to throw hands.

The two seem very influenced by Esparza vs Namajunas 2 and are exchanging odd feints from beyond striking distance.

This all changes once a crowd distracts one of them enough for the other one to close the distance. He attempts throwing a loaded left.

He then gets his sparring partner to stumble backwards and grabs onto back control as the other guy’s trying to run away. It seems apparent that one of them has a background in wrestling.

Now here things get dicey with the wrestler attempting to throw ground and pound. He disconnects the arms long enough for the other party to try and run off but his escape attempt is thwarted and soon they end up back in the same position.

Now wrestler seems adamant to not lose control – and clearly has no jiu-jitsu. He makes up for the lack of his ground skill by sheer force. He lifts his opponent and carries him into mid-air at which point he attempts a slam and is thankfully somewhat countered.

At this point the two are back in the same body lock position and the wrestler decides to go for a submission instead. Once again, it’s very apparent that he lacks BJJ skill and is instead using sheer force. Despite the lack of hooks and hip control he submits the opponent.

But crowd seems to interrupt the conflict thereby angering him even more and he proceeds to land ground and pound on maimed opponent.

This is a great example of how just a little bit of skill makes all the difference in real life conflict. That being said, it’s crucial to understand how BJJ would actually help him control the situation more efficiently and not compromise his future legally and literally.

Neither party seemed permanently damaged in the end and the two parted ways.