(Video) A brawl between passengers breaks out over a reclined seat

A video going haywire on Twitter shows a fight breaking out in a Thai Smile Airways plane. Several passengers can be seen ganging up on one passenger. The airplane staff was also seen making efforts to restore order.

The incident took place at the Bangkok international airport in Thailand on 26th December. The flight was supposed to leave for Kolkata, India.

The flight attendants as usual had instructed the passengers to fasten their seatbelts. They also instructed for the seats to be adjusted to the takeoff setting, but one passenger refused to do so.

Even after being given an explanation on why it is unsafe to have a reclined seat during takeoff, the passenger still did not budge at all.

The passenger said he had a backache and, thus he refused to comply. The crew said they would report his behavior to the captain if he continued to resist. He went ahead to say that the crew could report him to the captain if they wanted but he still would not listen.

After a while of waiting, and requesting the passenger for cooperation, the passengers decided to take matters into their own hands and started threatening him.

These arguments escalated into an assault. In the clip, the passenger can be seen defending himself but not fighting back.

The airline later reported that no serious injuries had occurred. Also, when peace was resolved the flight took off and landed safely. Thai Airways said that no further disturbances had occurred.

Also, none of the passengers getting physical in the video were deboarded, which attracted criticism from many. Citizens took to Twitter saying all those included in the incident should be put on the no-fly list.