(Video) 3 vs 3 MMA match held in Poland

Mixed martial arts has gained huge popularity around the world in recent years, with many MMA promotions getting bigger, and the competition level getting higher.

One unique niche in combat sports has arisen in Europe since 2019. That’s “pop-MMA”, which aims to attract as much audience as possible through eccentric matchmaking and highly unorthodox scenarios.

However, pop-MMA in Poland is a little different. One MMA promotion in Poland that has taken this concept to a new level is The War. Although their focus is pop-MMA, their gimmick matches are still quite competitive.

On May 5, 2023, The War held their fifth event in Gliwice, Poland, which featured a unique group brawl inside a cage like the usual MMA match that was caught on video. This time is was a team showdown where a group of men went against another group.

The match was a 3 vs 3 battle, and the result was total chaos. All six instantly charged towards each other, and one from the yellow team quickly delivered a flying knee that knocked one opponent out cold.

The action then quickly turned into a 3 vs 2 situation, where a man from the black team was jumped by two opponents. He was quickly taken down, leaving only one  from his team who was absolutely obliterated by the remaining three opponents. The match lasted only one minute, and all members of the yellow team were left standing.

Pop-MMA has become more and more popular in recent years, but The War is taking it to another level. The promotion’s unique group event is unlike any other, and it has become quite popular in Poland. The event has generated a lot of buzz on social media, and people are already looking forward to the next event.

Pop-MMA is a mixed martial arts match that Although the action is not the main reason why people watch it, pop-MMA has become more common in Eastern Europe countries, where it usually consists of ridiculous matches such as an intergender matches, matches in a phone booth or a car, medieval clash, dwarf vs dwarf, and many more. The main objective is simply to gain attention or to provide funny entertainment between the real matches.