(Video) Female MMA star destroys streamer Mizkif in striking, loses grappling match

Mizkif’s first day at the Iron Forge gym proved to be an electrifying event as he engaged in a spirited encounter with female MMA competitor Julia Watkins.

Mizkif and Knut proudly opened the doors to their new gym on January 17, marking the beginning of an exciting venture. But the day faced some challenges, with bodybuilder Knut sustaining an injury while using workout equipment and Mizkif encountering tough competition in a sparring session.

Recently, streamed sparring sessions have become quite popular. KSI and IShowSpeed’s boxing match was highly watched, indicating a growing interest in non-official bouts.

Mizkif was interested in seeing what MMA combatant Julia Watkins could do during the show. But he got more than he paid for when she threw a barrage of punches and countered quickly.

Julia’s assault comprised of body blows and powerful headshots, which left Mizkif reeling. A subsequent body kick was initially caught by Mizkif which turned the tide in Watkins’ favour. Seizing the opportunity, she executed a spinning back fist. This ended up leaving Mizkif visibly surprised.

“That was beautiful!” the crowd cheered off-screen as Miz clutched his head in agony and Julia patted him on the back.

Undeterred by the setback, Mizkif sought redemption. He challenged Watkins to a grappling match. Confident in his ability to win on the mat, he faced off against the skilled MMA combatant.


Julia showcased commendable takedown defense initially, but Mizkif’s weight advantage gradually became a decisive factor. Despite a valiant effort to secure a submission, the exhausted MMA combatant eventually succumbed. She ended up tapping out to Mizkif’s overpowering wrestling skills.

“This motherf**ker weighs a lot!” The mixed martial arts competitor let out a scream as she tried to submit, but she was unable to lock in the technique tightly enough.

While Mizkif emerged victorious in the wrestling match, the toll on his energy was evident. In contrast, Watkins appeared remarkably composed and energetic.